Meet “The Guy Who Breaks Things”! This charming mess just can’t keep himself out of trouble, and will never stop breaking your heart. Don’t take him back, and don’t be this guy


Please please please share the video and/or go to Bandcamp and/or get your self a copy:…/the-guy-who-breaks-things.

The video was filmed by Brock Hodgkinson and directed/edited by Brock and me. It stars Tyson Coady, who is actually a super duper nice guy, and not a jerk at all.

Also starring :
The Guy Who Gets Sideswiped (Bass Player): Rail Koonin
The Guy With Cute Dog (Drummer): Jody Brumell
The Cute Dog: Levon Helm Brumell
The Gal Selling Flowers: Donna Morley
The Guy by El Trompo (Guitar Player): Steve York
The Guy Busking: Izzy IG@izstopia

The Guy was recorded at Revolution Recording and Produced by Tom McKay at Exeter Sound Studios. Featuring my Band of Handsome Fellows Steve York, Jody Brumell, Rail Koonin and guests Dafydd Hughes, Thomas McKay, KC Roberts and Tom Juhas. Additional editing by Dan Miller. Bed tracks recorded by Stephen Koszler. Mixed by the most patient man on the planet, VIc Florencia and mastered by Joao Carvahlo.


The EP “Hearts & Heads & Thoughts & Deeds” will be released in September, 2020, come hell, COVID or high water.

Thanks you to everyone who helped me get this song out, and for your continued support.

Much love, Katey