14 years after the song begun, the story of Noah is finally ready to be told!

‘Noah’ will be the first single from Then. It is a song about a cruel but beautiful boy who uses his smile to get what he wants, and who has most people fooled because they can’t see behind his mask.

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The video for ‘Noah’ is an exploration of who we are under our own “masks”. The video (featuring a selection of 32 friends, family and brave strangers) captures the transformation that takes place when we put on or remove our “masks”: who we think we are, who we wish we were and perhaps who we want others to think we could be.

Produced by Scott Currie (Gypsy Sol, Emily Haines) and Tom McKay (Joydrop, Sate, Nightcrawlers), “THEN” features the talents of some of Canada’s finest musicians: Maury LaFoy (Jann Arden, Bare Naked Ladies), Dafydd Hughes (Feist, Jacksoul), Duncan Coutts (Our Lady Peace), Paul Mathew (Matt Barber, Hidden Cameras), Joshua Van Tassel (Doug Paisley, Amelia Curran), Jody Brummell (Shanks, Bella Clava), Louis Simao (Nelly Furtado, Mary Margaret O’Hara) Kevin Neal (Ron Hawkins, The Do Good Assassins) and many more. The record features songs that have been slowly recorded over the last 13-14 years, but have never been released until now.